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I am a Carer

My son Ethan was diagnosed with Williams Syndrome when he was 13 weeks old and the support and information that the WSF have provided since then has been invaluable. Looking after Ethan and ensuring that he's being raised to his full potential - whilst also managing his medical issues - isn't the easiest thing to do. The guidelines, research and general advice I've been able to get from the Foundation is really helping me to feel more in control.
In fact, I've been so impressed with the support that the WSF offers, I've become a Trustee so I can help the Foundation continue it's good work supporting all our WS family and their carers!

Louise Fisk

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You can also find out lots more information on Williams Syndrome including our Guidelines by going to the WS Information box.

If you suspect you child may have Williams Syndrome you will find it helpful also to refer to our diagnosis page which will tell you how to get a diagnosis and also some of the clues to Williams Syndrome.

You may also want to refer to our FAQ's.