At Work 

  • Wear your own clothes to work / dress down Friday / best or worst tie
  • Give up your morning coffee and donate to WS instead
  • Loose change jar / bucket collection
  • Swear jar – Easy winner!
  • Cake sale – Everyone loves cake!
  • Sweepstake or raffle
  • Ask your place of work to show their support on social media (‘we are sharing our hearts with the WSF today and raising awareness of WS’) with link to WSF website.
  • Ask your place of work to donate their homepage to the WS/WSF for a day – adding information, logos etc on WS (‘we are donating our homepage to the WSF today. Donate now’).
  • Find out if they offer Matched Giving

At School

  • Educational class / assembly talk on Williams Syndrome
  • Wear your own clothes to school
  • Get your class to stand in a heart shape and take a picture
  • Encourage your school to include information on WS in their weekly newsletter to parents and on their social media pages including links to the WSF
  • Cake sale
  • Sports day


In the Community

  • Quiz night in your local pub
  • Walk for Williams – organise a local walk
  • Ladies night – disco, raffle, stalls etc
  • Knitting / crafts day or evening. Get creative and perhaps knit a WSF scarf!
  • Jumble sale
  • Church group
  • Poster in your local shops


At Home

  • Tea party / coffee morning
  • Teddy bears picnic
  • Garden Party
  • Fun Day
  • Poker night
  • Grow or shave your beard / shave your head
  • Without for Williams – give up something you love during awareness month


Sporting events

Organise a sponsored bike ride / run / walk / swim / football / rubgy / golf tournament

If you belong to a sporting club, ask them how they can get involved.