Joining the Williams Syndrome Foundation is the most positive step you can take once you have established a Williams Syndrome diagnosis.


The first thing to do is contact the office either confirming diagnosis verbally, you suspect a Williams Syndrome diagnosis or that diagnosis is in process. Even if you feel there is a possibility of Williams Syndrome or you are experiencing problems obtaining a diagnosis, please contact the office for guidance on managing the situation.

Once a positive genetic diagnosis is established, you be asked to fill out a membership, direct debit and gift aid form.

When you complete and return these, together with proof of diagnosis, to the office we will register you as a full member. We will send out our welcome pack of information including a copy of the Williams Syndrome specific Blue Book (which replaces the generic paediatric Red Book) and a copy of the Guidelines for the clinical management of Williams Syndrome. You will be put in touch with your closest regional contact, be invited to local and national events, receive our twice-yearly magazine, receive a monthly email newsletter, have access to the members’ area of our website and be able to put queries to the panel of medical experts.

We look forward to hearing from you and will always do whatever we can to help.

Please email: