The PAP is made up of doctors, psychologists, scientists and a nurse.  All members of the panel have been involved in research into Williams Syndrome and they all give their time on a voluntary basis.

Their primary responsibility is to offer advice to the Trustees and the Foundation’s Chief Executive on all research applications. They meet twice a year and judge the requests for research funding.  They consider the merits of the research and evaluate any risks to the Foundation and its members.  They advise researchers on how they should feedback their findings to members and are able to relay any feed back from members to researchers. 

Individually, they also offer clinical advice to the Chief Executive when families raise concerns or questions to the Foundation about their Williams child or adult.  Where this is to be a face-to-face meeting, it is always important to involve the main professional carer for the individual, such as their GP or consultant paediatrician/physician.  The PAP makes every effort to support regional and national conferences and to keep up-to-date on any international studies into Williams Syndrome. 

Members are welcome to attend any of the PAP meetings by contacting the office. 

Who are the PAP?


Prof. Emily Farran  



Ms Marzia Ambrosio



Mr Dave Robinson

Director and Chartered Financial Planner


Heledd Wyn

Social Care



Dr Janet Davies BSc BDS MFDSRCS


Dr Kay Metcalfe MBBCh FRCP MD


Ms Emma Sidebotham MBChB (Hons) FRCS MD


Dr Rob Johnson BM MRCP


Ben Leach