The Williams Syndrome Foundation was formed as a Registered Charity in 1980 with the aims of promoting research and funding, and providing help and support for families with affected children. The incidence of Williams Syndrome is approximately 1 in 18,000. The Foundation hears of increasing numbers of cases each year – the figure rises as awareness grows.

There are numerous benefits to becoming a member of the Foundation. Research helps current and future generations. There are Regional Contacts around the country – all are parents of WS children / adults – who keep in touch with local families, visit new members, arrange meetings, organise awareness, fundraising, social and information events.

The Foundation supports people with WS & those who love, care for and educate them. 

The Foundation organises regular regional and national meetings as well as local gatherings for families. The Foundation offers funding for holidays for WS adults and families every year. The Foundation acts as support, information and advisory service and keeps members in touch through publications, events and a nationwide regional network. It also keeps a register of all known WS cases and provides access to professionals to promote research to improve the lives of the WS population.