Emily Farran is a Professor of Cognitive Development, based in the School of Psychology, University of Surrey.

Emily is an expert in visual and spatial cognition in Williams syndrome and other neurodevelopmental disorders. Specifically, visual and spatial cognition involves making sense of what the eyes see. This includes the perception of shape and colour as well as processing objects and the relationships between them. It is core to many everyday activities such as finding your way to school, negotiating your way around objects, and putting things away in a drawer or cupboard. More recently, Emily’s research has also focussed on the motor domain, and the impacts of poor motor performance on cognitive outcomes. Emily has been working with people with Williams syndrome and their families since 1998 and has published over 80 article and book chapters, the vast majority on Williams syndrome. For more information about the projects that are being carried out by Emily and her team, see: http://cogdevlab.weebly.com/