Lauren was born on the 25th November 2011 at 36 weeks weighing just 3lb 12oz. Lauren was rushed straight to the special care baby unit of Barnsley hospital requiring round the clock treatment plus two chest drains due to a collapsed lung. Although medical professionals did not think Lauren would make it, Lauren was a Williams Warrior and after three weeks she was finally able to go home. Lauren was diagnosed with Williams Syndrome at three months old. 

Lauren is such a happy and loving child, Williams Syndrome children and adults have a real affinity with music and this is a huge part of Lauren’s personality. From the moment she wakes to the time she returns home from school Lauren loves to sing and dance. Lauren enjoys a wide range of music from Steps, Kylie & Abba to most 80s tunes and no matter what time of year it is she loves to belt out a Christmas tune. Lauren’s favourite programs to watch are Strictly Come Dancing and The Masked Singer. 

As many parents are aware their children can go through certain obsessions, over the last few years Lauren has taken to a love of Japan & China and has taught herself how to speak the language and to count to 10 fluently. 

Lauren does of course face her own challenges, she is often reluctant to try new things and experiences, however this does not stop her showing immense bravery and spirit to ride roller coasters such as Thirteen and Wickerman at Alton Towers.

Since Lauren was diagnosed with Williams Syndrome the family have raised much needed awareness of the condition being featured in the National, International and Regional press as well as Katherine, Paul & Lauren appearing on ITVs This Morning for the first Williams Syndrome Awareness month of May. The family have raised over £5000 for the Foundation.