I am a Registered Dietitian with over 10 years of NHS experience, but I am also the mother to the beautiful 22 years old Anastasia, who has Williams Syndrome.

From a very early age Anastasia has had numerous problems, which required certain dietary interventions, but we soon realised how challenging it was to meet a dietitian who had a good understanding of the issues experienced by WS children and their families.

That was the motivating factor for me to change my career. I went back to university to study dietetics so I could support Anastasia with appropriate nutrition support.

As a practicing clinical dietitian, I have gained experience in a broad range of specialities such as nutrition support, the care of elderly, cancer care, gastroenterology, diabetes, weight management and metabolic disorders.

Although I have not worked in paediatric dietetics as a clinician, living with a child with WS I have experienced the issues of infant hypercalcaemia, failure to thrive, feeding problems and undernutrition as well as various gastrointestinal issues.  

I appreciate the complexity of our relationship with food, which is influenced by individual factors like traditions, own beliefs, cultural and psychosocial circumstances. We all know that nutritional needs for people with WS evolve through infancy, childhood, teens and adulthood, so it is vital that individuals with WS, together with their families or carers, are supported appropriately.

I am excited to support the Williams Syndrome Foundation with evidence-based knowledge, clinical expertise and life experience as a parent of a WS individual.