Do you have the time and passion to join the WSF Management Committee? We are seeking people with diverse and complementary skill sets to join our trustee board and represent our membership community. We are inviting applications from our WSF members who have a lived experience of WS through a close family member. The duties of a trustee are to : 

  1. Ensure that the WSF is carrying out its purposes for the public benefit
  2. Comply with the WSF governing document and the law with input into policy decisions
  3. Act in the best interest of the WSF
  4. Ensure that the WSF is accountable
  5. Manage the resources of the WSF responsibly and contribute to financial decision-making
  6. Act with reasonable care and skill
  7. Participate in setting the strategic direction of the WSF

All trustees are expected to attend 4 meetings a year (usually in London), monitor and respond to interim communications, and attend WSF events.  Travel expenses will be reimbursed.

Applications for the vacancies should include a CV and covering letter and should be sent to

Closing date for applications : noon 30th April.