Personal Journeys – Employment by Hazel Miller

My Name is Hazel Miller and I work in a Tesco café. I did 7 years of voluntary work at first cleaning the tables and doing the dishes. 5 years ago I got offered paid employment and I still do the same job. I have been working there for 12 years. I work 4 hours each week.

There is a fantastic team that I work with and I enjoy looking after the customer’s and clearing the tables.  I do my job to a high standard. When you first start you have training to complete on a computer and with the manger. My Manager is called Mark. Mark did introduce himself to me and he understands my Williams Syndrome and he helps me understand the jobs I have to do. I have great support from them each time I am at work. I am always on time and I am enthusiastic about going to work and having support if and when it is needed.